Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Cottage To Visit

Well let me say I apologize  to Tammy for this crazy disappearing post... I am not sure where the post went and why other posts came on before the scheduled time.
I was thrilled when I found Tammy's - The Stampers Cottage. It is such a peaceful place to stop and look around. Cheerful and very inviting.
Look at this album here I would give anything to own this. I just loved this album here that she made.

You will want to go and check out the rest of her calendar right here.
I also have to share that Tammy is a Close to My Heart can visit her web-site here just in case you have something you might need, or want to check out the new products. You do know there is a new catalog out right now?
So please venture over to The Stampers Cottage and tell Tammy we sent you.
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