Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Military Family Blog

Dawn here again
I have to introduce you to one of the most mature young women I have met.
Today I am sharing Shelly from The Mottos...
Her Title reads : Living ,Loving, and Learning as an Army family

Now you know I have a soft spot for military families just like my co-author Penny

Let me share a couple very candid posts that have touched my heart and showed me what an entire military family does/gives each of us.
Here is one
This one
This one also
Now let me also share that Shelly has always amazed me with her candid  view of being a wife and mother.
Shelly is also a craft person!!!

Let me share Shelly's Stampin Up link just in case you are looking to purchase.
So stop over and say hello, and let her know  we sent you  you won't be disappointed.
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