Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reader Tips: Modge Podge

On my own blog I recently asked my readers the correct way to Modge Podge, to avoid the wrinkles I often get when I try.

Here are the responses I received:
Courtney said...Penny, I have found when I work with modge podge I tend to get the wrinkles when I use too much...try going a little lighter and that should help.

Jena said...I have why I don't use it muchh Modge Podge, which is why I don't use it much. I've had to keep pressing and smoothing until it dries to keep the wrinkles out and it's been a pain.

Bonibleaux Designs said...Hey Girl use less and try your brayer to "iron" the wrinkles out!!!

Tanya Rudd said...Hi, I coat the surface first with Modge podge, then I coat the paper with Modge Podge and put it down. I then take a wall paper roller and go over it. Be prepared to get messy. Hope this helps, it always takes me several tries to master something. Don't give up!

Dawn said... When I do modge podge I also use a smaller amount and love to use something like the roller to burnish it down and then a light layer on the top. It isn't a patient persons supply...you need to leave it dry in between layers.

Kim said...I've never modge podged in large pieces. I just do little stuff. I don't have a clue for you, sorry.
I kind of like a crinkly vintage look, myself...but then again, I'm not looking at it in real life! 

Laine said...Hi Penny - I use Mod Podge all the time (it's an addiction of mine). Through trial and error I have found that when covering a shoe box it's better to coat the shoe box itself with the mod podge and not the paper. If the paper is a lightweight paper vs. a heavier cardstock - that makes a difference as well. I use my bone folder to smooth out the wrinkles. If I am using heavier cardstock I use my brayer. It just takes practice in finding just the right amount of mod podge for the item being covered and the weight of paper/cardstock. Less is better than more. Good luck!!

So there you have it! It seems majority rules... LESS IS MORE!!! Do you have any additional Modge Podge tips? If you do, we'd love to hear them. Leave a comment on this post!

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